Gina Hallums

Gina Hallums

Property Finder

Gina works in the Manchester Office searching for suitable properties for two of our funds, the Real Lettings Property Fund 2 and the National Homelessness Property Fund.

PreviouslySince graduating from the University of Manchester with a degree in Music in 2016 and during her studies, Gina has worked freelance for the healthcare charity ‘Kissing It Better’ and the “Theatre in Prisons and Probations Centre” organization. Her highlights include singing Christmas carols for patients in hospital and helping Sixth Form Students who are aspiring doctors, to gain valuable experience in a healthcare environment.

Outside Resonance

Gina enjoys her role as the Musical Director of the a cappella society ‘Sing It!’.  In May 2017, the chorus were fortunate to compete nationally in sunny Bournemouth. Although that does take up a large chunk of her spare time, she also enjoys barbershop conventions, gaming and spending time with her pet bunny, Toby.