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    EVPA Impact Week 2023

    22-24 November 2023

    EVPA Impact Week is a unique opportunity for the global community of investing for impact changemakers to encounter cutting-edge ideas, discover new trends and engage with partners, old and new, to maximise their impact for people and the planet.

    At Impact Week, 1,000+ people and organisations from across the continuum of capital can find goals in common, connect and collaborate. We’re setting the stage for unexpected perspectives and innovative breakthroughs in impact finance, necessary to accelerate the journey, scale up what works and achieve the Sustainable Development Goals together.

    We’ll focus on outcomes, bridge work across sectors, expand mindsets and get all hands on deck to navigate through the world’s crises.

    We’ll ensure new actors in the impact finance space get the lasting connections and learnings they need to succeed.

    We’ll connect demand and supply, creating a unique hub for those powering, accelerating and delivering impact.

    We’ll bring the action. Partnerships: forming! Hands: shaking! Change: making! Barriers: breaking!

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