Profit Through Purpose


We are natural collaborators and intentionally work with others that enable us to have a greater impact with helping social enterprises. Each partnership is unique and we look to find ways that we can achieve more together than we can on our own – it’s not just about expansion it’s about synergy. We are privileged to have a number of great partners, many of which are listed below, with a few described in more detail, to illustrate how we work together.


    Bristol City Council • Croydon Council • Greater London Authority • Greater Manchester Combined Authority • Greater Manchester Pension Fund • South Yorkshire Pensions Authority • Lambeth Council • Milton Keynes Council • Oxford City Council • Oxfordshire County Council • Westminster City Council • Liverpool City Region Combined Authority 


    Access - The Foundation for Social Investment • Big Society Capital • Ethex • Snowball


    Andrews Charitable Trust • Barrow Cadbury Trust • Blagrave Trust • Casey Family Programs • Ceniarth • Church of England Archbishops' Council • City Bridge Trust • Comic Relief • Cripplegate Foundation • Esmée Fairbairn Foundation • Friends Provident Foundation • Guy’s & St Thomas’ Foundation • Joseph Rowntree Foundation • Lankelly Chase Foundation • London and Quadrant Housing Trust • LostAnd Foundation • MacArthur Foundation • National Lottery Community Fund • Samworth Foundation • Schroders Big Society Capital Impact Trust plc • Stewardship • The Clothworkers' Foundation • Treebeard Trust • Trust For London 

  • Pensions for Purpose

    Pensions for Purpose exists as a bridge between asset managers, pension funds and their professional advisors, to encourage the flow of capital towards impact investment.

    It is an online platform providing a knowledge centre including an extensive bank of information and case studies. Members are able to network with peers whilst learning more about impact investment via a members’ forum, training workshops and events.

    Pensions for Purpose helps pension funds mitigate negative impacts and seek positive impacts by understanding what they invest in and what opportunities exist in the market.

    Resonance works with Pensions for Purpose as their work is raising awareness and building interest in impact investment strategies, into which Resonance’s experience can usefully feed.

  • Guy's & St Thomas' Foundation

    Guy’s & St Thomas’ Foundation is an independent charitable foundation investing in a healthier society. The Foundation is committed to achieving both financial returns and health impact to drive health equity.

    The Foundation has invested over £10m in three of Resonance’s impact property funds: Real Lettings Property Fund 2, Women in Safe Homes and Resonance Everyone In Fund, as part of the charity’s initiative to invest some of its £1bn endowment in funds that aim to have a positive effect on health in the UK, complementing its charitable activity. As part of the Foundation’s impact investment strategy it is committed to increasing its impact investment allocation from £22 to £100 million by 2026.

    Providing suitable and stable accommodation to vulnerable adults and children, and enabling people to build resilience against homelessness, addresses the current challenges of a key determinant of health. By supporting funds like Resonance’s impact property funds, the foundation believes it can improve the health and wellbeing of some of the most vulnerable groups in society.

  • Access - The Foundation for Social Investment

    Access works to make charities and social enterprises in England more financially resilient and self-reliant, so that they can sustain or increase their impact. They do this by supporting the development of enterprise activity to grow and diversify income, and improve access to the social investment which can help stimulate that enterprise activity. Access has worked with us for a number of years. We are an Access Point for their Reach Fund, which provides investment readiness grants.

  • Better Society Capital

    Better Society Capital was set up as an independent organisation to build the social investment market in the UK, so that charities and social enterprises can access appropriate repayable finance to enable them to grow, become more sustainable and increase their impact on society. Since 2012, Better Society Capital has made more than 90 investments into fund managers and social banks, which in turn make money available to social enterprise and charities to create impact. Over 1,200 social enterprises and charities have received investment from Better Society Capital, from over £2bn of available investment.

  • Curiosity Society

    The Curiosity Society helps organisations to make a better world, by using learning and design to change systems. Over many years Resonance has forged a strong working relationship with the team to evolve the services that it offers, working across the organisation and its funds to understand and enhance their positive impact.

    The Curiosity Society co-developed the Transformational Index (TI), a tool for describing and measuring social impact. Resonance is a licensed user of TI products. 

  • Esmée Fairbairn

    Esmée Fairbairn Foundation aims to improve the quality of life for people and communities throughout the UK. They do this by funding the work of organizations that are building an inclusive, creative and sustainable society. One of the largest independent grant-makers in the UK they celebrated ten years of their Social Investment Fund in 2018 and have allocated £45 million to social investments with the aim of creating social impact. They have supported our Property and Community Asset funds with investment.

  • Ethex

    Through the Ethex platform, people can invest in causes that are important to them and these organizations can find the investment they need to grow and develop. Ethex hosts some of the Resonance investment opportunities suitable for individual investors including community share offers and the two Resonance SITR Funds.

  • Greater London Authority

    As a result of the pandemic, London’s homelessness crisis worsened. In response to this, in Autumn 2020 the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, announced funding for more than 900 homes for London’s rough sleepers. 38 homelessness projects were selected to receive funding, including Resonance’s Everyone In fund.

    A £5 million investment from Greater London Authority into the Resonance Everyone In fund, enabled Resonance to extend its long running homelessness property fund initiative in London. Helping to reach the specific and urgent housing need arising from the pandemic – helping provide move-on accommodation for individuals who had been temporarily housed in hotels and other emergency accommodation, and to help prevent a return to the streets by providing a better way forward.

    The fund is providing 60 homes in London for around 200 of the city’s rough sleepers and is partnering with leading social justice charity Nacro, that has significant experience of working with this tenant group and providing appropriate support to ensure successful tenancies and progression for individuals.

  • Greater Manchester Combined Authority

    Greater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA) is made up of ten Greater Manchester councils and the Mayor, which work with other local services, businesses, communities and other partners to improve the city region for the 2.8 million people who live there.

    Their vision is to make Greater Manchester one of the best places in the world to grow up, get on and grow old. The Greater Manchester Strategy sets out a set of clear priorities for delivering this goal, including:

    • All children to start school ready to learn
    • Young people equipped for life
    • Good quality housing, and an end to rough sleeping
    • Greater Manchester to pioneer a positive vision for growing older

    We have worked closely with GMCA in relation to our Resonance Supported Homes Fund, into which GMCA invested £5m in July 2020. And in December 2020, it was one of three seed investors when we launched National Homelessness Property Fund 2, investing £5m into the fund. It has subsequently made two further investments into this fund, bringing its total investments to over £8m. GMCA has also been helping expand Resonance Community Developers across Greater Manchester.

  • Greater Manchester Pension Fund

    Greater Manchester Pension Fund is one of the largest public sector pension schemes in the UK and the eleventh biggest defined benefit pension fund in the UK. It looks after over 375,000 pensions and pays over £750 million of benefit each year.

    Greater Manchester Pension Fund was one of the seed investors into the National Homelessness Property fund 2, investing £10 million. It was also the first UK pension fund to invest into a Resonance homelessness property fund. Alongside regional seed investment from Greater Manchester Combined Authority - and seed investment from Big Society Capital – it enabled the fund to initially focus on tackling homelessness and housing issues in the Greater Manchester region, where currently, 80,000 people are on social housing waiting lists. Tackling the region’s housing issues through geographically targeted social impact investing is making a real difference to people living in the North West who are in housing need.

  • MacArthur Foundation

    The mission of the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation is to support creative people, effective institutions and influential networks, building a more just, verdant and peaceful world.

    The organisation strives to enable transformative change, addressing social and environmental challenges around the world, in part by building the field of impact investing and providing catalytic capital. One of their areas of focus has been housing; in particular, supporting more balanced, forward-looking housing policies that acknowledge the importance of affordable rental housing and the role that various attributes of housing may play in promoting strong, resilient families and vibrant communities.

    MacArthur was one of the seed investors into the Women in Safe Homes fund when it launched in December 2020, and – alongside fellow seed investor Lostand Foundation – was the first overseas, US-based investor, into one of Resonance’s property funds.

    Their £3.7 million investment into the Women in Safe Homes fund was made through the Catalytic Capital Consortium, an investment, learning and market development initiative, conceived of by the MacArthur Foundation in partnership with The Rockefeller Foundation and Omidyar Network, to demonstrate the power of catalytic capital and to expand the reach of the impact investing field.

    Macarthur believes that by using flexible, patient, and risk-tolerant capital—catalytic capital—impact investors can fuel innovation. And that investors can bridge gaps for high-impact projects and funds – such as the Women in Safe homes fund - helping them build the track records and scale needed to attract conventional investors.

  • Patron Capital Partners

    Patron was established in 1999 to make value-oriented and opportunistic real estate and real estate-related investments primarily in Western Europe. Since its founding, Patron has raised over €4.0 billion of equity capital from over 100 primarily institutional investors, including sovereign wealth funds, pension plans and endowments and foundations across five funds and co-investment pools. As of 30 June 2020, Patron has made 81 investments in 16 countries.

    Patron Capital Partners has expertise and a successful track record gained over twenty years in investing in a strong and diversified real estate portfolio, including housing investments and has established a strong trusted network with a wide range of investors. Patron actively pursues a combination of social impact initiatives and real estate investments which fits their experiences and resources to provide support to those who need it including running numerous charitable initiatives.

    As a firm and through its investments, Patron operates with strong ethics and responsible governance. Patron takes its responsibilities towards its investors and broader society seriously. As an indication of its strong social commitments, Patron will commit £1m as a cornerstone investment to support the Women in Safe Homes fund to launch and scale-up.

    We are excited to be jointly managing the Women in Safe Homes fund with Patron. By combining our complementary strengths and experiences across property investment and social impact focuses, Resonance and Patron Capital will be better able to focus our activities and deliver, develop and scale this innovative housing model to meet the pressing needs of women who need it the most.

  • Rathbone Greenbank Investments

    Rathbone Greenbank Investments is the dedicated ethical and sustainable investment team of Rathbones, one of the UK’s leading investment managers. Rathbone Greenbank have been staunch supporters of our Resonance Social Investment Tax Relief (SITR) Funds covering the South West, North West and West Midlands. They have brought the highest number of investors to those funds, who have been able to take advantage of the tax relief, whilst supporting social enterprises to tackle poverty and inequality in those regions.

  • Schroder Big Society Capital Social Impact Trust plc

    In 2020, Big Society Capital (one of the UK’s leading impact investors) partnered with leading investment manager, Schroders, to launch the Schroder Big Society Capital Social Impact Trust plc. Following a successful initial raise of £75 million, it listed on the London Stock Exchange. The fund is pioneering and allows ordinary investors access to private market impact investment for the first time and brings millions of pounds of additional capital to help social enterprises and charities.

    The investments will address social challenges ranging from helping people with dementia or learning disabilities, to providing homes and support for those who have experienced homelessness or are survivors of domestic abuse.

    One of the first investments of the fund was into Resonance’s Real Lettings Property Fund (RLPF1).

    There is a growing private impact investment market in the UK, providing solutions that aim to help alleviate some of the country’s most pressing social challenges, while targeting a sustainable financial return. Many of these investment opportunities, which deliver the highest level of social impact are found in private markets which, although they have increasing institutional investor backing, are not easily accessible to other investors without specialist expertise and deep networks.

    The Schroder BSC Social Impact Trust provides investors with unique access to a diversified portfolio of high impact private market investments within a liquid investment vehicle. Capital at risk.

    For more information about the fund please visit Schroder’s website.

  • Snowball

    Snowball is an innovative impact investment firm that runs a globally diversified multi-asset portfolio that seeks to maximize positive social and environmental impact as well as make a competitive financial return. Snowball’s mission is to make impact investment easy for everyone to access and to change the financial system to mainstreaming impact investing. The portfolio has exposure to public and private market investments. Snowball has supported both our Community Asset Funds and Property Funds with investment.


    Our partnership with St Mungo’s focuses primarily on scaling their social enterprise ‘Real Lettings’ through a series of private rented sector (PRS) property funds to provide ‘move-on’ accommodation for homeless individuals and families. It is our most significant partnership to date and a real example of how investors and charities can behave like peers rather than transactional adversaries.

  • The South West Academic Health Science Network (SW AHSN)

    The South West Academic Health Science Network was a key investor in the Health & Wellbeing Challenge Fund. This innovative organization works to improve the health and patient experience of people in the South West by supporting and accelerating innovation and quality improvement. They spread proven innovations and programmes across the South West health care system; provide support and opportunities to innovators and businesses which have creative solutions for challenges in health and care; work with a number of partners to support ideas which improve lives and the way in which care is provided; and their Patient Safety Collaborative supports continuous learning and improvement to reduce the risk of harm and make care safer for all.

  • Trust for London

    For more than a century the Trust for London has been at the forefront of efforts to help low-income Londoners to help themselves. Many of the schemes that they’ve funded were radical at the time but have become an accepted part of London life.

    Trust for London works on some of London’s most pressing social issues, promoting equality and fighting poverty. Their focus is to improve work, housing and living standards as well as opportunities for people facing sustained and systemic disadvantage such as disabled people.

    Trust for London’s willingness to find innovative ways to tackle the issues on which they are focused, led to them becoming one of the first investors into our Homelessness Property Funds. They have invested in both our Real Lettings Property Funds 1 & 2, supporting people in London who were at risk of homelessness.

  • Notting Hill Genesis 

    Notting Hill Genesis is one of the largest housing associations in the country, with more than 67,500 homes owned or managed across London and the south-east.

    We provide homes across a range of tenures and are committed to delivering housing that is affordable for all. We build and maintain quality homes, creating diverse and thriving communities. This is our primary purpose and everything else we do supports that.

    We own and manage stock for social, affordable and private rent, leasehold, keyworker housing, care and support, temporary housing and shared ownership.

  • Developing Health and Independence

    DHI helps those who are excluded from society, and those at risk, to turn their lives around. Through practical and emotional support, they help clients overcome barriers and behaviours that isolate them so they can establish connections and become part of their communities. They provide support around issues such as housing, debt, income, employment and substance misuse.

    DHI’s vision is to end social exclusion by ensuring that everyone has their basic needs met and are able to thrive by contributing to the richness and wellbeing of their community. Since 1996, DHI have set up supported homes for people recovering from drug and alcohol addiction. They offer a range of specialist services in Bath & North East Somerset, Bristol, Wiltshire, South Gloucestershire and Somerset, including housing support and advice, and ‘Reach Out’ events for families and carers of people using drugs and alcohol. They opened their first social enterprise lettings agency in 2012.

  • Nacro

    Nacro is a national social justice charity with more than 50 years’ experience of changing lives, building stronger communities and reducing crime. Nacro helps around 32,000 people each year and is also a leading registered social landlord and charity that has experience in housing women who have left prison without a home to go to.

    Nacro’s main aim is to “ensure that disadvantaged young people and adults reach their full potential in life.” Housing is fundamental to their mission. It creates stability which means that their tenants are able to achieve their goals in other areas of their lives. Nacro also provides criminal record support, a substance misuse service and education and learning services such as apprenticeships, training and courses. 

  • Cyrenians

    Cyrenians tackles the causes and consequences of homelessness. With a clear focus on prevention and reaching those on the cusp of homelessness as well as those in crisis and in recovery, we take a values-led and person-centred approach. Cyrenians build relationships that support people to flourish and move towards more positive and stable futures.