Profit Through Purpose




At Resonance we always start and finish with impact.

If you are a business, social enterprise, charity or foundation, our Strenghening Impact team can work with you to maximise your capacity building, impact management and broader market development goals. We look at your ambitions, the social impact you are making now and what you want to achieve in the future.

We combine understanding, learning, thinking and doing, blending our expertise and experience with your specific needs. Collaboratively we create real change for social enterprises, charities, the wider sector and also those who are tenants in the homes bought through Resonance's property funds - we call this our ecosystem.

Our specialist team achieves this through:

  • Helping you to understand and grow the impact you make
  • Supporting you to develop your existing operations, and expand your service offering
  • Helping to explore new market opportunities
  • Developing market-shaping studies

Our approach to working with ambitious social enterprises, charities, foundations and businesses recognises that often in parallel with capital raising, many also need professional advice around governance, impact and process.

Capacity Building

For individual organisations

We work closely with clients to help build capacity and strengthen the skills needed to deliver on social purpose. We choose to work collaboratively, sharing experience and insights, whilst bringing change to those we work with.

Our expertise is particularly focused on the early stages of moving from values and vision through strategy to implementation. We have significant expertise in building financial models and operations, and have a network of experts who can help with wider areas of need beyond our core work.

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For foundations and commissioning organisations

We also offer similar services to those mentioned above for foundations and commissioning organisations,

supporting their cohort work with grantees and investees.

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Market Development

Our team also works on broader projects which create the possibility of systemic change within the sector.

Normally provided to funders or foundations, we have also built coalitions of funders who share a common interest in the outcomes of change, or who want a deeper insight into a particular area of potential change.


Our 20+ years of engagement in the social impact investment industry, alongside our significant experience of building solutions, and our extensive networks of contacts across the sector means that we can bring depth and expertise to our work.


Recent areas of deeper focus include community engagement on the high street, young people leaving care, healthy low-carbon living for low-income tenants and working with housing partners to deepen tenant engagement throughout the move-on process.

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Impact Management

We work with our clients to understand what impact they are currently making and how it can be further improved. We work out which stage our client is at in the Impact Management diagram taking them through the rest of the steps to achieve their goals.

If you’re an organisation looking for impact management support and want to see similar projects we've worked on call 0161 546 5665

If you’re a foundation or funder interested in how we can enhance your impact management and want to see how we've worked on similar projects with past clients, email [email protected]

Clients we have worked with

  • Active Gloucestershire
  • Bike for Good
  • The Good Loaf
  • The Fore
  • Community Care Connect
  • Firestone Plymouth
  • Stir to Action
  • St Austell Leisure Centre
  • Shared Assets
  • Reach for Change
  • Raphael Centre
  • Musica
  • Leap
  • Impact Hub London
  • Karma Nirvana
  • Health for All
  • Esmee Fairbairn Foundation
  • Darlington Association on Disability

Strengthening Impact team

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