Jargon Buster


RCD (Resonance Community Developers)
A social impact fund that is designed to help communities meet local needs by creating and owning income-generating assets, such as affordable homes, sports and leisure facilities and renewable energy generation.

Retail Investor
A non-professional investor who typically invests smaller amounts compared with institutional investors. 

The money generated from normal business operations. 

Risk Finance
Any finance that is structured to take account of the level of risk.

RLPF2 (Real Lettings Property Fund 2)
Resonance has developed the Real Lettings Property Fund 2 (RLPF2) with leading homelessness charity St Mungo’s following the success of both the Real Lettings Property Fund 1 (RLPF1), which launched in 2013 and has built a c £60m portfolio of c 260 homes across London and National Homelessness Property Fund (NHPF) which launched in 2015 and is targeting a £60m portfolio of c 400 homes in other cities across the UK. 

RSH (Resonance Supported Homes Fund)
Resonance Supported Homes Fund (RSH Fund) was launched in 2020 with a target fund size of £100 million, aiming to provide homes for people with learning disabilities, autism, and/or mental health challenges who would otherwise be 'institutionalised' in innapropriate housing, often away from family and support networks.