Fund coming soon 

Resonance Community Developers is a social impact fund designed to help communities meet local needs by creating and owning income-generating assets such as affordable homes, sports facilities or renewable energy. We are launching the Fund in Spring 2019 and it will start investing in community projects across three initial areas (Cornwall, Gloucestershire and the North West) and then grow to operate nationally. It will be able to help with pre-development feasibility, land acquisition and construction costs.

Resonance Community Developers builds on our track record of successfully investing into communities through our Community Share Underwriting Fund and Affordable Homes Rental Fund. Together, these two Funds supported a total of 22 projects, with £8.3m invested and underwritten by Resonance.  

Key Facts

  • IMPACT FOCUS: Community resilience and empowerment to meet local needs 
  • WHAT WE FUND: Community-led housing, sports facilities and renewable energy
  • AMOUNT: Up to £3m
  • COST: Terms available on application
  • TERM: 3 years