South Bristol Sports Centre

Key Facts

Name of Enterprise: South Bristol Sports Centre
Legal Structure: Charity
Date of Deal: 5 April 2016
Transaction Size: £250,000
Form of Investment: 6 year loan from the Resonance Bristol SITR Fund
Expected Return: 7-8%+
Impact: Poverty & Disadvantage, Health & Wellbeing

South Bristol Sports Centre (SBSC) uses the power of sport to engage hard to reach young people in South Bristol, which includes 8 of the 10 most deprived areas in the City – all of which are in the 1% most deprived areas of the country.

SBSC uses its ‘social inclusion’ football sessions to engage young people in something productive, develop their talents, increase confidence and help them turn their passion for sport into a career. Some of the young people have now become qualified referees and coaches through SBSC sessions, with 2 of the young people progressing to be employed as SBSC coaches to support other young people who share their background and aspirations.

Billydownes23The purpose of the £250,000 investment from the Resonance Bristol SITR Fund has been to finance six new, five-a-side all-weather football pitches. This means SBSC can run sessions all year round and can provide a more attractive, up to date space to engage more young people (even incorporating state of the art ‘re-play’ technology’). The new state of the art facility further enables their unique programme of sport as a route out of disadvantage and poverty.

South Bristol is an area that Resonance is particularly committed to investing in through the Resonance SITR Fund. SBSC is a charity that has this mission at its core; using the power of sport to engage vulnerable young people in positive activity. Through coaching and leadership programmes held at the site, a number of local young people have become qualified referees and coaches, with some now going on to lead sessions for younger groups who share their background and aspirations. The programmes have proven their worth and SBSC has sought investment in more facilities to grow and scale their impact.

As well as the dedicated use for their engagement programmes, which are offered to vulnerable groups free of charge, the new pitches also enable SBSC to generate the income they need to remain financially sustainable, by hiring them out to adult football leagues in the late evening.

If you would like to learn more about South Bristol Sports Centre please visit their website.