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About our impact property funds

Through our regulated fund management subsidiary Resonance Impact Investment Limited, we manage and create ground-breaking social impact property funds, that offer institutional investors the potential of a risk-adjusted long-term investment return, both regular secure income and potential capital appreciation, whilst ensuring their investment achieves a measurable and lasting social and community impact.

Our funds purchase and refurbish properties nationwide and then lease these properties to expert housing partners, who provide safe, affordable homes together with wrap-around support to adults and children.

We have housed c3,000 adults and children, in over 1,000 homes across the UK, who were facing a housing crisis. 

Our funds operate across three tenant groups – homelessness, vulnerable women and individuals with learning disabilities.


Our Homelessness Property Funds, through our housing partners, enable tenants to transition from homelessness to becoming part of their community, gaining employment or training, saving for their future and giving them the ability to eventually move on with their lives, eventually into their own private accommodation.​ Homeless property funds operate nationwide.

Why These Funds Are Needed

  • 104,000 households are living in temporary accommodation
  • 67% of all statutory homeless families with children are single women
  • 10,053 people sleeping rough in London in 2022/23

Learning Disability

The Resonance Supported Homes Fund was launched in July 2020, as a nationwide solution to the housing shortage leaving thousands of adults with learning disabilities, autism and mental health needs in need of the right housing. Properties are leased to housing partners who rent them to individuals, helping them manage their tenancies and properties alongside providing specialist support.

Why This Fund Is Needed

  • 1.5m people in the UK have a learning disability
  • 21% of people in the UK with a learning disability do not live independently or with family and friends
  • 2,215 people with learning disabilities or autism were living in inpatient facilities as of end March 2023

Vulnerable Women

The Women in Safe Homes fund was launched in December 2020 as a joint venture with Patron Capital, and is believed to be the world’s first gender-lens impact investment property fund. The fund aims to help address the housing crisis for women escaping domestic abuse, leaving the criminal justice system and at risk of or experiencing homelessness. It uses social investment and property sector expertise to buy properties – a mix of emergency refuge accommodation and two- and three-bedroom homes – leasing them to its expert women’s sector and housing provider partners who then provide women with a safe and stable home alongside specialist wraparound support services.

Why This Fund Is Needed

  • 1.7m women experienced domestic abuse in 2022 (7% of women).
  • 60% of all homeless adults in England are women.
  • 47% of women leave prison without a settled home to go to.


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