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With people’s homes at the heart of what we do, our impact labs work to develop the eco-system, around and ahead of our impact property funds. We innovate new solutions, pilot systemic change, increase supply and scale opportunity to help create life changing homes and solutions for people and communities facing crisis. We do this in 3 ways:

  • by helping to grow social enterprises
  • building and enabling community resilience
  • innovating impact

The tools we use to achieve this are:

  • creating and managing award winning investment funds
  • delivering grant-making programmes
  • providing expert coaching and consultancy


We invest in and strengthen social enterprises in the areas of community, training, health, work and climate enabling enterprises to scale sustainable solutions. We accelerate the transition to a greener and fairer economy through supporting social enterprises that work to actively prevent people from reaching crisis or supporting their journey away from it. We have specialist investment funds that we use to invest in social enterprises, enabling them to grow the impact that they make.


We use patient and flexible finance to create new solutions for communities across the UK. We develop community homes and other assets as a way of building resilience for people and reducing the likelihood of crisis. We do this by collaboration with neighbourhood leadership enabling stakeholders to find the best solution to their local needs. We support through helping with rallying, planning, investing and supporting. Resonance Community Developers has been developed is a social impact fund that works with communities to deliver the assets they need to develop and become more resilient. The fund invests in:

  • affordable homes
  • sports and/or leisure facilities
  • renewable energy generation


We combine learning, understanding, thinking and doing. Collaboratively alongside others we bring real change to social enterprises, the sector and those who are tenants in our properties. Our specialist social enterprise consultancy team achieves this through developing market shaping studies; helping enterprises to understand and grow the impact they make. As well as supporting them to improve existing processes, expand their service offering in their existing market, and helping them to explore new market opportunities.

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