The Women in Safe Homes fund, believed to be the world’s first gender-lens property fund, provides a solution to the lack of affordable, safe and secure homes across the UK for women who are experiencing homelessness, survivors of domestic abuse, are prison leavers, or have other complex needs including mental health problems.

Resonance and Patron Capital collaborated to create and manage the fund, which will invest directly in residential homes and refuge accommodation across the UK. Charities or social enterprises focusing on women and homelessness, which have an infrastructure that would enable them to lease properties and then rent them to women who are experiencing or at risk of homelessness, should get in touch.

The fund has already formed its first partnership with leading women’s sector charity, Preston Road Women’s Centre in Hull, which will offer safe homes and help other women’s sector organizations to replicate its pioneering recovery model for women and children, social justice charity Nacro, and women's domestic abuse charity, Refuge.

Further women’s sector and homelessness charity partners are currently being sought.

The fund has a strong focus on achieving substantial positive social impact by supporting women in challenging circumstances. Partnering with women’s sector charities, women will be provided with housing and access to support networks needed to help them rebuild their lives.

The demand for safe and secure homes for women in need is extremely high. Domestic abuse is one of the leading causes of homelessness for women and children. Women’s Aid reports that 60% of women being referred to specialist refuges are turned away, mainly due to lack of space. Housing and mental health are also intrinsically linked. Being homeless can make mental health issues worse and in turn, poor mental health can make it harder to cope with issues around housing. Mental health charity MIND reports that 79% of people with mental health problems said that their housing had negatively impacted their mental health and 42% had experienced homelessness in the past. The chronic lack of suitable housing options also results in 60% of female prisoners not having a home to go to on release.

The impact of women’s sector and homelessness charities to reliably scale up the provision of safe, secure and affordable housing in the community for this group is huge, with current property investment structures not tailored to their needs.

If your organization needs property to support women and deliver more impact in this sector, we would like to hear from you.

Take a look at our Impact Approach document for the Women in Safe Homes fund. 


  • IMPACT FOCUS: Housing women who are experiencing or at risk of homelessness
  • COST: Lease terms available on application
  • TERM: Flexible