What you need to know to invest in this fund

 You need to qualify as a Professional Investor.

If you are an individual Professional Investor*, the minimum investment is £100k.

If you are a corporate Professional Investor, the minimum investment is £300k.

The Resonance Enterprise Investment fund was launched in 2023 and follows on from the recent success of our SITR (Social Investment Tax Relief) and Health & Wellbeing Challenge funds which in combination invested over £10m into over 70 social enterprises.

The fund will initially focus in three UK regions - South West, West Midlands and North West, where Resonance has a strong track record of investing; with on-the-ground investment teams and well-established social enterprise networks, before rolling out across the rest of the UK. 

The fund will focus on investing into high impact social enterprises that are working within their communities to

- Tackle socio-economic Inequality

- Improve health & wellbeing

- Support a just transition to a lower-carbon economy

Resonance’s Enterprise Investment fund allows Professional Investors to access Community Investment Tax Relief (CITR) through Resonance Enterprise Investment CIC which is an accredited CDFI.

The fund enables Professional Investors’ money to be deployed as investments to social enterprises via four different accessible and flexible finance options. With CITR, investors can offset up to 25% of their investment against their tax bill. The tax relief is spread over 5 years (5% claimable each year) from the year in which the investment is made with the aim of returning their total investment back to them within 5-6 years. Professional investors should remember their capital is at risk if they invest in the fund and Tax treatment depends on individual circumstances and may be subject to change in future. This article does not constitute tax advice. 


  • WHO YOU LOAN TO: Resonance Enterprise Investment CIC, an accredited CDFI (Community Development Finance Institution) 
  • IMPACT: Providing growth capital to social enterprises tackling social economic inequality; improving health & wellbeing; supporting a just transition to low-carbon economy
  • FUND SIZE: Target £10.1m
  • TARGET RETURNS: Target 5% IRR - benefitting from access to CITR (c 6.7% Gross Equivalent) 
  • TERM: 5-6 years
  • ASSETS: Portfolio of unsecured loans to Social Enterprises

*To qualify as an individual Professional Investor you need to meet the following criteria

1.        Have you been categorised as a Professional Client before?         

If no,               

2.        Do you know that the minimum investment in this fund is £100K?                 

3.        Is your portfolio of cash and investments (not property) larger than £430K?        

4.        Have you worked in the financial sector for at least one year in a professional position, which requires knowledge of funds or unsecured loans?