What you need to know about Direct Investments

The Resonance Angel Investor Network (RAIN) connects investors and businesses in a way that brings about transformational social change. Resonance’s core aim is to forge a bridge between investors and social enterprises so that capital can be used in a way that doesn’t just avoid investing negatively or focus on having neutral impact.

We believe that all individuals should be empowered to invest for transformational social impact through businesses that are directly tackling some of the most pressing social challenges in the UK and beyond. RAIN is one of the key ways in which we build this bridge.

We are not a paying members’ club and we don’t hold fancy dinners – we are an opportunity-sharing network of people looking to build long-term relationships, with the common goal of scaling social impact.

Members of RAIN can receive regular summaries of social investment opportunities from Resonance’s pool of clients we feel are ready to take on investment, with the social impact areas each member cares about most. Members will also be the first to hear about opportunities to invest in our latest impact funds and to receive news on the success of deals already done within the network.

There is no cost to join RAIN – we only generate income through arrangement fees on deals we successfully close, in which our client is usually the social enterprise raising investment.