Community shares are an effective and democratic way for communities to secure the assets they need.  They are designed so that members of a community can put their money to work to purchase any income-generating asset that is needed by the community. This will keep the asset safe for future generations and in community ownership in perpetuity.

Community shares are unique to community-led organizations such as community benefit societies or co-operatives and can be used to raise money for local facilities such as shops, pubs, village halls, affordable housing or community farms. Their main aim is to help grow sustainable and resilient communities.

Community Share “Offers” or “Issues” are investments available to anyone aged 16 or over, and which are often available from as little as £1 per share. They are withdrawable (subject to terms and conditions) with notice. 

If you know of a community group that has ambitions to build affordable housing, or to build or save some sports facilities, or generate renewable energy, they might benefit from this kind of investment. 

Resonance has put together a leaflet called 'Simple Guide to Community Shares Offers'.