Winterbourne View & Social Investment

New report published by Resonance as part of Sir Stephen Bubb’s commission to develop a third sector solution to transforming the commissioning of services for people with learning disabilities and/or autism.

In a new report published today, social impact investment company Resonance calls for Government to commit £30 million to a “Life in the Community” Social Investment Fund. The call is published in ‘Winterbourne View and Social Investment’, commissioned by the Social Investment Business and Big Society Capital, as part of the remit of the committee established by the CEO of the NHS, Simon Stevens, and chaired by Sir Stephen Bubb, to commission a framework to transform services for people with learning disabilities.   The report outlines a third sector solution to the Winterbourne View problem:  namely, over 3000 people with learning difficulties around the country, who are residing in inpatient facilities, where personal, health system and societal outcomes are often very poor.

Download the Winterbourne feasibility report