Real estate investors are starting to take the concept of impact investing seriously

At the recent Investment Property Forum (IPF) event in London, Resonance CIO Simon Chisholm told the delegates how our three different types of social-impact funds, focused on community assets, property and enterprise growth, respectively. All three had a real estate element to them and that the biggest are our property funds.

Our three property funds, Real Lettings Property Fund 1 & 2 and National Homelessness Fund, all of which seek to address homelessness in the UK, have collectively raised over a £150million, taking them to appropriate level of scale for institutional investors.

Simon told the conference how our property funds explicitly seek to “deliver a commercial, risk-adjusted return to investors”, and that the property funds “sit to the left-hand side in the sensible, risk-adjusted return territory”.

Simon shared a platform with other experts, on impact and property investing, including Elizabeth Corley, vice-chair of Allianz Global Investors, who is also the chair of the UK government’s taskforce on impact investing

IPE Real Assets have written an article about the event which can be found here.