What you need to know to get investment from this Fund

Quote-NHPF Peter Tenant hrThe National Homelessness Property Fund provides 1-2 bedroom flats as move-on accommodation, leased to organizations tackling homelessness.

After the success of the Real Lettings Property Fund in London, Resonance believes that this formula of working with homelessness charities and local authorities will work in other areas of the UK, which is why we developed the National Homelessness Property Fund.  The Fund is currently operating in three cities across the UK – Bristol, Oxford and Milton Keynes – with more planned.

Charities or Social Enterprises working with the homeless, which have an infrastructure that would enable them to partner with Resonance to deliver a city focused homelessness fund, should get in touch.

Investment Proposition Key Facts:

Geography: UK
Impact Focus: Homelessness outside London
What We Fund: 1-3 bedroom properties as move-on accommodation
Amount: £10m+
Cost: Lease terms available on application
Term: 5 years (extendable)
Security: N/A

More information

John Williams

If you are a charity or social enterprise working with the homeless, that would like more property, please call or email John to discuss if this Fund can help.