What you need to know to get investment from this Fund

The Health & Wellbeing Challenge Fund (South West) has £3.5m of funding available to invest in voluntary, community and social enterprises (VSCEs) operating in the South West.

The Fund offers investment and operating finance to existing social enterprises that are working to tackle a wide range of health, wellbeing and care issues, or that wish to expand their enterprise into this sector.  Community groups, companies, or other traders in this field, which are converting into a social enterprise are also welcome to apply.

Please see our Case Studies and news pages for examples of organisations that have been successful in obtaining finance from the Fund.

Investment Proposition Key Facts:

Geography: SOUTH WEST
Impact Focus: Health & Social Care
What We Fund: Social enterprises that need investment to grow
Amount: Up to £150K
Cost: Around 7.5% (for loan element)
Term: Around 6 years
Security: Generally unsecured

More information

If you would like to ask about investment from this Fund, please contact Leila Sharland on the details below or Tom Crook t/ 07532 397869 e/ tom.crook@resonance.ltd.uk